Generates Millions of Dollars In Internet Advertising Sales
Learn how to close a $51,478 advertising deal over the Internet  -- without any phone calls, lunch meetings, presentations or web conferencing.
by Mark Smalley

"This book will make or save you a small fortune -- if you put it to work immediately.  It's a work of genius!"  
-- Brian Tracy, Author, Focal Point

What would it be like if someone took you under their wing and taught you the secret formulas that helped build a billion dollar company?

That's kind of what happened to me.  A friend, and former ad sales executive at one of the largest publishing empires in the world, gave me the secrets without even realizing it at the time.

Here's what happened.

One night during dinner (and a couple of glasses of wine) my friend was reliving his former glory.  He began spilling his guts about some of the most guarded secrets in the publishing business.  He told me how his ad sales executives used these formulas to generate astronomical advertising sales numbers.

It was called the "Structured Sales Approach."

As soon as our dinner ended I drove home and started scouring the Internet, periodicals, newspapers, magazines and anything I could get my hands that talked about "the formula."  

I began applying what little information my friend gave me and like magic the formulas began producing the same incredible results.  I was selling advertising for a small print publisher at the time that specialized in technology.

In 1999, I put it all together.  This was due in part to an interview I found with the founder of this billion-dollar company and a prominent technology columnist.  The founder discussed the formula in detail (without giving it a name) and he elaborated on why he felt it worked with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision.

Over the next several months I filled in the loose ends and customized the formulas for my own use.  Then I started to apply the formulas even more intensely -- and got results that were nothing short of phenomenal.

I generated more than $3 million in personal advertising sales -- in less than 30 months -- simply by applying these secret formulas.  I also trained advertising sales teams and one of these teams went on to produce more than $10 million a year in advertising sales.

You're probably thinking this all sounds fine, and probably worked great during the dot-com hysteria and IPO boom -- but will it work today?

Yes, these formulas will work today.

There were 39,756 business bankruptcies in the United States, from December 2000 through December 2001.  At that time, companies were slashing advertising budgets and laying people off in droves.

But that is what's so exciting about the formulas -- they work regardless of the economic cycle.  And this has been proven time and time again.  The formulas in Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales are proven to work in both boom and bust cycles.

Think about it.  How would you like to generate advertising sales for your publication, website, venture or business, in good times and bad?  When you learn these proven formulas, and apply them as I tell you, they'll produce the same powerful results for you every time.

What people are saying about Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales:

"Anyone doing business online should read this book.  Not next week.  Not tomorrow.  Today."
-- Eric Ward,

"Great insights and tips.  Worth a fortune to those who pay attention and act now.
-- Joe Vitale, Author, Hypnotic Marketing,

"Mark Smalley has managed a not-so-minor miracle.  He's invented -- discovered might be a better word -- a genuinely new way to sell advertising.... And in this book, Smalley tells you how it works, using his own experiences, and shows you how to put this method to work for you."

-- Harvey Ardman, Author, Tunnel Vision, Documentary Producer,

"Ive worked with Mark personally and can attest to all of this claims.  His book is an honest, straightforward approach to advertising sales.  Get this book, read it and watch your ad sales explode to the upside.
- Mel Strocen, Jayde Online, Inc.

"Mark's new book is a little scary.  It's packed full of secrets the advertising community doesn't want you or anyone else to know.  He gives away solid information and workable techniques it would take years to learn on your own.  Read this book.  He's right on the money."
-- Thomas L. Pauley, Author, I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am.,"

"A great read.  Shows how little I truly know about advertising and I am an expert.  It is going to be required reading for all my marketing people from now on."

-- Matt Gagnon, Mazu Publishing,

"This is it!  The Introduction grabbed me and never let go.  'Formulas That Guarantee Advertising Sales' is a classic.  You'll see how Mark applied these formulas and sold millions of dollars in advertising.  His book is a must read for anyone that does business over the Internet."
-- P. Sterling, CEO, Storage Properties, Inc.

"You've got a choice to make: spend time running through the learning curve on your own, or learn from someone else's experiences.  'Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales' will cut down on that ever-dangerous lost opportunity cost.
-- Chris Pirillo, TechTV Host, Publisher, Lockergnome,

If you've got a smaller venture or publication that only requires a few hundred dollars a month in advertising revenue, then Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales is perfect for you.

Or if you've got a larger venture, such as a newspaper, magazine, email newsletter or ezine that requires substantial advertising revenue, then Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales is an investment you can't afford to ignore.  That's because I show you exactly how I generated millions of dollars in ad sales simply by applying these formulas.

I put my whole heart and soul into this course.  In fact, because it's so pertinent, I asked my own son to read it.  Here are just some of the things you'll learn in Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales:

  • The sales approach that helped Ziff-Davis Publishing build a billion-dollar publishing empire.  (Chapter 1)

  • How your ads can easily deliver qualified prospects to your company.  You'll be amazed at how simple this is.  (Chapter 2)

  • The 12 actual emails that closed a $50,000 sale.  The only thing that's been changed are the names, for their privacy.  (Chapter 3)

  • How the newsletter Bottomline Personal generates more than $110 million a year, with less than 80 employees.  (Chapter 4)

  • The best way to attract passionate readers, and a constant flow of repeat ad buyers.  (Chapter 5)

  • The only way to make face-to-face selling principles work for you on the Internet (Chapter 7)

  • How to avoid working with companies that fail to pay -- and why most businesses make this mistake all the time.  (Chapter 10)

  • What you must ALWAYS do first, when you reply to a prospect's email.  If you don't do this, you'll probably lose the sale.  (Chapter 13)

  • Exactly what your proposals should contain and why each component is vital to making the sale.  (Chapter 14)

  • The money-back guarantee that gets advertisers, but zero refunds.  (Chapter 15)

  • How to get a free subscription to the newsletter that's devoted to the future of advertising sales.  (Chapter 18)

I wrote Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales with people like you in mind.  It's written the same way I would talk to you if I were sitting with you in your office.

And I'm not trying to "get something" from you.  The truth is I don't need to sell this course to make a living.  I wrote it because I truly believe that it'll help everyone that reads it, and it'll increase the advertising sales for their venture.

I've also included an entire section on prospect bots and intelligent agents with links to free trial versions.  This section will change the way you look for prospects.  

If someone offered an ebook like this to me in 1999 I would've paid 10 times the asking price!

When you order today, you'll also get the following 3 free bonuses:
  1. The Secret to Getting Responses to Your Advertising Offers and Proposals -- Anyone who hasn't gotten responses from their offers or proposals needs this special report.  A top company recently paid Mark $2500 for this same information.
  2. Top 25 International Advertising Agencies -- This contact database includes the current names, telephone numbers, addresses and URLs for the top agencies in the world that spent more than $150 billion in advertising last year!
  3. 500 Senior Contacts -- This exclusive contact database includes the senior decision makers at companies that are actively advertising on the Internet, as well as other publications.

Now that you've recognized the importance of Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales, you have to take advantage of this risk-free offer now.  And remember, if you're not 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just let me know within 60 days and you'll be issued a prompt and courteous refund -- no questions asked.  


Mark Smalley
Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales

P.S.  You'll only get this valuable information if you try Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales today.  If  you're not 100% satisfied you can ask for a full refund.  Whether you decide to keep Formulas that Guarantee Advertising Sales or not, the 3 free bonuses are yours to keep.  Get your hands on the formulas that'll generate more than $3 million in advertising dollars for your business now. 

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